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The "Brabantse Wal" is the place where the provinces of Brabant and Zeeland meet.

An area where nature, the old towns and cultural life intersect.
The Netherlands, Belgium and Zeeland meet each other in the green of the countryside, the monuments, and the bright night life.
The holiday apartment Studioverhuur is located in Hoogerheide, which is only a few kilometers from the town of Bergen op Zoom and the city of Antwerp.
Hoogerheide is situated on the Brabantse Wal.

Especially when looking in a south-western direction from the village, the steep edge of the rampart, from which the village derives its name (higher heather) is clearly visible.
From here one has a view over the nearby polders.
To the south-west lies the estate of Kortenhoeff, which belongs to the region of De Groote Meer (the Large Lake), that in turn belongs to Grenspark De Zoom-Kalmthoutse Heide.

More than enough countryside to explore.

In the surrounding areas an enormous amount of bicycle- and footpaths are available for you to enjoy.
In the middle of the area called the Brabantse Wal, about 10 kilometers from holiday apartment Jamzes lies the old marquis town of Bergen op Zoom.
In Bergen op Zoom you can get a taste of culture, shop in a friendly ambiance and enjoy a meal in a historic environment.
More than 800 monuments tell the story of a rich and animated past.
You can stroll through streets harking back to the Middle Ages, looking for the many quaint little shops housed in the old stately monuments.
You will not get lost, as the centre of town is compact and is easy to keep track of.

In the many cafés and restaurants you can catch your breath and enjoy a drink or a good meal.
If you would want more information about the town and its rich past, you can join a guided tour.
The beautiful Mediaeval palace, the Markiezenhof is the highlight of the tour.
And when you have had enough of the town, you can take the bicycle or your walking shoes and explore the lush countryside surrounding the town.

Antwerp: metropole at a stone’s throw away.

Who doesn’t love Antwerp? Or Anvers, as the inhabitants call their city?
In the Netherlands is has always been, and still is, one of the favorite destinations for a city-trip.
For years the Dutch have been going to this historical city on the river Scheldt to enjoy the night life, to shop and to enjoy all the beauty this city has to offer.
The shops carry top brands: classy, vintage and hip – everything can be found in the lovely historic centre of the city.
There is an abundance of culture, many museums with collections of the Flemish Primitives to modern, contemporary art.

Visit the pubs, the restaurants and taste the Flemish beers, the shrimp croquettes or a croque monsieur (toasted sandwich) for the smaller appetite.
There is something for everyone in this fascinating city.
December is the busiest month in Antwerp, as both the Dutch and the Belgians flock to the Antwerp Christmas Market.
And don’t forget the Solden in January: the greatest sales of the year.